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Run search engine experiments in Vespa from python

Three ways to get started with pyvespa.

How I learned Vespa by thinking in Solr

Learning Vespa in terms of Solr analogies can help flatten the learning curve.

Parent-child joins and tensors for content recommendation

A real-world application of parent-child joins and tensor functions to model topic popularity for content recommendation.

Build a basic text search application from python with Vespa

Introducing pyvespa simplified API. Build Vespa application from python with few lines of code.

Using approximate nearest neighbor search to find similar products

Approximate nearest neighbor search demonstration using Amazon Product dataset

Q&A from “The Great Search Engine Debate - Elasticsearch, Solr or Vespa?” Meetup

This blog post addresses the Vespa-related questions, with quicklinks into the recording for easy access. We have also responded to the unanswered questions from the chat log.

Vespa Product Updates, January 2021

Advances in Vespa features and performance last month include Automatic Reindexing, Tensor Optimizations and Explainlevel Query Parameter for easier query blueprint tracing.

Using approximate nearest neighbor search in real world applications

From text search and recommendation to ads and online dating, ANN search rarely works in isolation.

Vespa Product Updates, December 2020

Advances in Vespa features and performance include improved tensor ranking performance, Apache ZooKeeper integration, Vespa Python API for researchers and ONNX integration.

Stateful model serving: how we accelerate inference using ONNX Runtime

There's a difference between stateless and stateful model serving.

Fine-tuning a BERT model for search applications

How to ensure training and serving encoding compatibility.