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Will new vector databases dislodge traditional search engines?

Doug Turnbull asks an interesting question on Linkedin; Will new vector databases dislodge traditional search engines?

IR evaluation metrics with uncertainty estimates

Compare different metrics and their uncertainty in the passage ranking dataset.

Summer internship at Vespa

After the summer internship of 2022 the intern has summarized what he has done and his experience at Vespa

Managed Vector Search using Vespa Cloud

This blog post describes how your organization can unlock the full potential of multimodal AI-powered vector representations using Vespa -- the industry-leading open-source big data serving engine.

Vespa Newsletter, June 2022

Advances in Vespa features and performance include ANN with configurable filtering, fuzzy matching, and native embedding support. Also see pyvespa’s new experimental ranking module!

Vespa 8 is here

Announcing the release of Vespa 8 - the next major version of

Vespa at Berlin Buzzwords 2022

Find videos and links from four Vespa-related talks at Berlin Buzzwords 2022, Germany’s most exciting conference on storing, processing, streaming and searching large amounts of digital data.

Billion-scale vector search using hybrid HNSW-IF

This blog post describes HNSW-IF, a cost-efficient solution for high-accuracy vector search over billion scale vector datasets.

Query Time Constrained Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search

This blog post describes Vespa's industry leading support for combining approximate nearest neighbor search, or vector search, with query constraints to solve real-world search and recommendation problems at scale.

Vespa Newsletter, April 2022

Advances in Vespa features and performance include tensor and ranking configuration improvements, pyvespa usability features and grouping configuration. Also find new guides for performance and ANN. And a podcast!

Upcoming changes in OS support for Vespa

Today we support CentOS Linux 7 as the OS for Vespa release artifacts. This is about to change.

Preview of Vespa on ARM64

With the increasing adoption of ARM64 based hardware like the AWS Graviton and Apple M1 MacBooks we are making a preview of Vespa available for this architecture.