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Changes in OS support for Vespa

Today the supported OS for Vespa 8 is CentOS Stream 8. This is about to change.

Anonymized endpoints and token authentication in Vespa Cloud

In this post we will explain the new endpoint format and also introduce a new token authentication method for Vespa Cloud data plane.

Yahoo Mail turns to Vespa to do RAG at scale

Vector search in trillions of personal documents can be done cost-effectively with vector streaming search.

Announcing our series A funding

Announcing our series A funding

Announcing a $31 million investment from Blossom Capital

Vespa Newsletter, October 2023

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Vespa Newsletter, October 2023

Advances in Vespa features and performance include Vespa Cloud Enclave, Lucene Linguistics integration, much faster fuzzy query term matching, and performance and usability improvements.

Introducing Lucene Linguistics

This post is about an idea that was born at the Berlin Buzzwords 2023 conference and its journey towards the production-ready implementation of the new Apache Lucene-based Vespa Linguistics component....

HTTP/2 Rapid Reset (CVE-2023-44487)

Vespa 8.240.5 is available with updated dependencies to address CVE-2023-44487.

Vespa is becoming a company

Vespa is becoming its own company!


A new search experience for Vespa-related content - powered by Vespa, LangChain, and OpenAI’s chatGPT model - our motivation for building it, features, limitations, and how we made it.

Vespa Newsletter, August 2023

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Vespa Newsletter, August 2023

Advances in Vespa features and performance include multilingual models, more control over ANN queries, mapped tensors in queries, and multiple new features in pyvespa and the Vespa CLI.

Summer Internship at Vespa

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Summer Internship at Vespa

The tale of 2023's summer interns and their attempt at generating training data for information retrieval with LLMs.

Representing BGE embedding models in Vespa using bfloat16

This post demonstrates how to use recently announced BGE embedding models in Vespa. We evaluate the effectiveness of two BGE variants on the BEIR trec-covid dataset. Finally, we demonstrate how...