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A new search experience for Vespa-related content - powered by Vespa, LangChain, and OpenAI’s chatGPT model - our motivation for building it, features, limitations, and how we made it.

Vespa Newsletter, August 2023

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Vespa Newsletter, August 2023

Advances in Vespa features and performance include multilingual models, more control over ANN queries, mapped tensors in queries, and multiple new features in pyvespa and the Vespa CLI.

Summer Internship at Vespa

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Summer Internship at Vespa

The tale of 2023's summer interns and their attempt at generating training data for information retrieval with LLMs.

Representing BGE embedding models in Vespa using bfloat16

This post demonstrates how to use recently announced BGE embedding models in Vespa. We evaluate the effectiveness of two BGE variants on the BEIR trec-covid dataset. Finally, we demonstrate how...

Accelerating Transformer-based Embedding Retrieval with Vespa

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Accelerating Transformer-based Embedding Retrieval with Vespa

In this post, we’ll see how to accelerate embedding inference and retrieval with little impact on quality. We’ll take a holistic approach and deep-dive into both aspects of an embedding...

Simplify Search with Multilingual Embedding Models

This blog post presents and shows how to represent a robust multilingual embedding model of the E5 family in Vespa.

Vespa Newsletter, July 2023

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Vespa Newsletter, July 2023

Advances in Vespa features and performance include Vector Streaming Search, GPU accelerated embeddings, Huggingface models and a solution to MIPS using a nearest neighbor search.

Leveraging frozen embeddings in Vespa with SentenceTransformers

How to implement frozen embeddings approach in Vespa using SentenceTransformers library and optimize your search application at the same time.

Announcing Maximum Inner Product Search

Vespa can now solve Maximum Inner Product Search problems using an internal transformation to a Nearest Neighbor search. This is enabled by the new dotproduct distance metric.

Announcing vector streaming search: AI assistants at scale without breaking the bank

With personal data, you need complete results at low cost, something vector databases cannot provide. Vespa's new vector streaming search delivers complete results at a fraction of the cost.

Vespa at Berlin Buzzwords 2023

Summarizing Berlin Buzzwords 2023, Germany’s most exciting conference on storing, processing, streaming and searching large amounts of digital data.

Enhancing Vespa’s Embedding Management Capabilities

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Enhancing Vespa’s Embedding Management Capabilities

We are thrilled to announce significant updates to Vespa’s support for inference with text embedding models that maps texts into vector representations.