Frode Lundgren
Frode Lundgren

A new visual identity for a new era

Two months after announcing becoming an independent company, we have reached another small – but important – milestone on our journey into the new era; unveiling our new logo and visual identity.

New Vespa logo

The overall brand identity reflects Vespa’s personality as a bold, Scandinavian company. The geometric and forward-leaning logo is inspired by the no-nonsense and unbeatable performance. The symbol can be interpreted as a simple box, the initial letter V from “Vespa” or simple brackets. But it can also be seen as a three-dimensional and scalable container of data, thus answering the concept of “Moving mountains, not data”.

In addition to the new logo, we are updating our typographic palette, ensuring a professional yet available tone of voice and cross-platform legibility. The defined color scheme picks up on elements from Scandinavian elements such as heather, rocks, light, and glaciers. Our high contrast brand icons recognize the 45° angle from the logo, but at the same time the thin hairlines point to Vespa’s high level of performance and precision. Our photographic style reflects our Scandinavian origin; Vespa is solid like mountains, agile like water, and complex like a finely tuned ecosystem.

The updated profile will be rolling out in the weeks to come and while this is an important visual hint of a new era, we are even more excited about the upcoming new and exciting features for both the Vespa platform and Vespa Cloud that we will be announcing in the months to come.